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Auto Accidents


Numerous accidents "don't just happen" on their own. They result from someone's carelessness or recklessness, or hazardous conditions, or defective products, or placing you in dangerous circumstances. Very often, accidents cause injury to people, damage property and businesses interests, and create expenses that innocent parties have to pay for, something that was not their fault.

When the person responsible for the "accident" refuses to take full and prompt responsibility for it and pay you everything you are entitled "to make you whole", very often an accident lawyer's services are essential, so that you can recover what the law allows you to recover.

In many cases, a lawyer’s involvement also tends to have the person or firm responsible for the accident take corrective action, so someone else will not be similarly injured in the future. For example, if a bus company allowed its drivers to speed or does not comply with standard safety standards, once a lawyer appears on the scene, the bus company may crack down on speeding, install appropriate safety equipment and properly maintain its buses, thus helping others from being injured in future bus accidents.

Some accidents do not require a lawyer.  When the injury is slight, the damages are very minor, and the circumstances that caused the injury are unlikely to recur, it usually makes sense "to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again" - essentially forget about it.
For example, if it is a minor parking lot fender bender, your auto insurance company may take care of everything except the deductible, or the other driver's company may do so, and it may not be worth your while to try to get that back, even in Small Claims Court.

However, if the accident is not trivial, then you may incur a real injury. You may have major property damage . You may incur large medical fees not covered by your health insurance, have a permanent scar, be unable to play your favorite sport, do your job, or incur other meaningful expenses (check out the article on "whiplash disorder" and injuries, a common occurrence in auto accidents). If the matter is not minor, or the circumstances are likely to occur again -- perhaps to someone else, then you should consult with Attorney David P. Gaccione, to have him assist you in considering your options. If it is determined you have a case, Attorney Gaccione, can help you recover for your injuries, expense and damages you sustained.

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